Is Our Life Span Pre-Determined?


Thanks for your work in giving Biblical answers to so many questions. Does the Bible ever state That a mans life span is established at birth? Does ones life style have any affect on how long one lives? Thanks


The Bible says that a man’s life span would normally be 70-80 years (Psalm 90:10) and that the Lord knew all of our days before one of them came to pass (Psalm 139:16). But that speaks more of His omniscience than our destiny. In other words it means that knowing the end from the beginning, He already knows how our life will unfold. It doesn’t mean that He personally established our life span.

We live our lives according to the choices we make, some of which affect our lifespan. He just knows the outcome in advance. I personally believe that there’s only one exception to this, and only for believers. Before He laid the Earth’s foundation, He knew who would choose to accept His gift of pardon and who wouldn’t (Rev. 13:8). Jesus also promised that He wouldn’t lose any of us. (John 6:39) Based on those facts, I believe that nothing could have happened to end my life before I had a chance to be born again.