More On The 70 Year Life Span


I truly love your site and have learned a lot from your articles. I would like your thoughts on something concerning the Rapture. Your belief based on your studies puts the Rapture sometime in 2011. I know you are not trying to set a date, this is your opinion. However, based on Psalm 90:10, it also states that our lives may last 80 years due to our strength. It is my understanding that the generation born when Israel became a nation would not pass. Therefore, if we use the 80 years for a generation, that would put The Second Coming of Christ around 2028. Subtract 7 and that brings the Rapture to 2021. Also, if someone born in 1948 lives to be 100, they would be part of the generation that is still alive. Would you please give me your thoughts on this?


Psalm 90:10 says the length of our days is 70 years, or 80 if we have the strength. This indicates that the person who lives for 80 years would be an exception. The average is 70 years. And in support of this, Isaiah said the period of time known as a king’s lifespan is 70 years (Isaiah 23:15) .

There are always exceptions to the general rule, and it’s possible that someone born in 1948 could live to age 100 or even longer. On the other hand, according to the United Nations surveys over half the nations of the world have yet to reach an average lifespan of 70 years, and the shortest is just over 40. So it makes more sense to use averages rather than extremes. Also Matt. 24:34 doesn’t say to wait until last person dies, it just says, “this generation”. 70 years is the only number mentioned twice, making it the most likely number to use. But as you said, this is just my opinion based on my studies. You should study for yourself and come to your own conclusion (Acts 17:11).