Is Prince Charles The Anti Christ?


Hello. I’ve been really enjoying your study of Revelation. It’s simple and easy to understand. A lot of Bible commentaries tend to be long winded but yours does a good job of conveying a lot of info without wasting space.

I have a question concerning the possible identity of Antichrist. I’ve seen several websites out there listing Prince Charles and/or William as possible candidates and the arguments impressed me quite a bit. I was just wondering if you’d heard this as well and if so what your thoughts on it are? Thanks for your time and keep up the good work.


New candidates for the identity of the anti-Christ pop up on a regular basis. Usually those doing the nominating have based their conclusions on an interpretation of the 666 reference in Revelation 13:18.

As far as I’ve been able to determine no one has correctly deciphered that code yet. Prince Charles is currently a popular candidate as are Javier Solana, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates. Time will tell but I don’t think the Church will be around long enough to know who it really turns out to be. We look forward to the Christ, not the anti-Christ.