Is Psalm 83 On The horizon?


Do you think the tinder box in the Middle East might burn out of control again soon? With possibly another ground excursion on the horizon against Hamas and now with Hezbollah possibly getting involved in the north, could we see Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 come to pass quite soon? Will Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 come before or after the Rapture? Or can it go either way? On the one hand if Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 did come to pass before the Rapture, does that mean we are on the fast-track to the Rapture and the Tribulation?


It’s certainly possible. I think the next clue would be if the leaders of Hizbollah are successful in convincing Iran and Syria to give them the go ahead on opening a northern front. It could go either way but I think it’s likely that the Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 battles will take place before the Rapture.

Since I believe the Rapture is based on reaching a specific number of believers rather than a specific date, the Psalm 83/Isaiah17 battles will only impact its timing if they prompt a surge in conversions to Christianity.