The Rapture And Psalm 90


I think often about Psalm 90:10 and wonder to what extent we should interpret it as having relevance to the length of the final generation. Psalm 90:10 describes typical life spans of today but many live longer, so I wonder if its meaning may be more relevant to something else – namely the last generation and the rapture.

I wonder if it means that the rapture will likely occur before the last generation exceeds 70 years (1948+70=2018) but that it may last up to 10 years longer (2028) as verse 10 says “by reason of strength”. I wonder if means that the efforts of mankind, specifically believers that care to help reach the lost until the last possible minute, might extend the generation beyond 70 years?


The prophecy of Matt. 24:34 was given to Israel, not the Church. And Jesus said that the last generation will see all end times prophecies fulfilled, including the 2nd coming.

Remember, the disciples’ question to Him concerned His coming and the End of the Age, not the rapture (Matt. 24:3). They didn’t know anything about the Rapture (which is not scheduled for a specific time but will happen when the Church has reached its full number) because Jesus never taught them anything about it. Paul introduced the Doctrine of the Rapture for the first time 20 years later.