Psalm 12 And The Rapture


I found your article on defending the Pre-Tribulation Rapture at Rapture Ready. Could the disappearance/vanishing in Psalm 12 describe the Rapture? If so, then could the rest of the psalm outline the events following the Rapture, including the duration of ‘seven times?’


The Psalm was originally written as a prayer of desperation during a time when it seemed as if all men were faithless and untruthful. But there are certainly similarities to the End Times in the wording as well as the order of events. The Godly vanish and the truth is no more. Because of the way His people are treated, the Lord rises up to protect them. But the number seven refers to the purity of the Lord’s word, like silver purified seven times. Seven is the number of divine completion and means that the Lord’s word is absolutely pure. He will do all that He’s promised. He will protect His people.