Is Reincarnation Possible ?


I recently got into a conversation with a friend who believes that her children have both had previous lives. She claims to have even had a vision of how her son had died in his previous life. I told her that in all likelihood she was dealing with a familiar spirit. However she seemed less than sold on the whole theory. Can you offer any other theory on what it is that would cause a person to have these experiences? Thanks for your insight.


Reincarnation originated with the Eastern religions. It’s incompatible with Christian theology because it holds that given enough lifetimes man can achieve perfection by his own efforts and has no need of a Savior.

While it’s true that a hand full of people in the Bible have or will come back to Earth to fulfill one of God’s special missions, the general rule for mankind is found in Hebrews 9:27, “Man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment.”

There are only two sources for information about spiritual matters, the Truth and the Lie. The Truth is found in God’s revealed Word. Anything that contradicts, denies, or can’t be confirmed by God’s Word comes from the other source. It began in the Garden with Eve and the serpent (“Did God really say …?) and continues to this day. Based on what you’ve told me, it appears that your friend is the victim of a lie.