Is Satan A Physical Being?


In a recent post you said that Satan was not a physical being. With which passages from the Bible can you prove this?


There are several verses I can cite to confirm that Satan is a supernatural being, not confined to a physical body.

In Isaiah 14:12 Satan, referred to as Lucifer, is described as having fallen from Heaven. (In Luke 10:18 Jesus reported having seen this).

In Isaiah 14:13-15 Satan boasted that he would ascend to heaven, raise his throne above the stars of God and become like the Most High.

In Ezekiel 28:12-14 Satan was called the King of Tyre who was in Eden, the garden of God, and walked on the holy mount of God among its fiery stones.

In Job 1:6-7 Satan can be seen in Heaven with the angels and speaking with God.

In 2 Cor. 11:14 Paul said Satan masquerades as an angel of light.

In Jude 1:8-9 Satan is referred to as a celestial being who even the Archangel Michael does not dare to slander, and in Rev. 12:7-9 we see Michael and his angels expelling Satan and his angels from heaven for good.