Is Satan All Knowing?


Is Satan all knowing like Jesus? I was told Satan only knows what we tell him; past sins, weaknesses, habits etc. This is how he attacks us! Our Savior knows all, but what about Satan?


I assume you’re speaking of believers. Satan only knows what we tell him through our behavior. He can’t listen in on our prayers, nor can he know the details of our future. But he can plant thoughts at the threshold of our minds, like a fisherman casts bait in front of a fish, hoping to ensnare us. After several thousand years of observing people, he’s gotten pretty good at figuring out what will work on us. He knows he can’t have us but he can try to steal our joy, or even influence us to live defeated lives so we’ll be a poor example to others. As long as we have a sin nature, we’ll be vulnerable to his attacks. But James 4:7-8 gives us the best defense. Stay close to God and He’ll stay close to us. Resist the devil and he’ll flee from us.