Is Stocking Up For My Unbelieving Husband OK?


I have written before regarding the fact that I am unequally yoked–my husband is Jewish–because several issues have come up that I really needed guidance on, and your answers have been very helpful. This current issue is no exception, but it’s not so much a spiritual question as a practical one with a spiritual basis.

I know the rapture is coming. I have told my husband so repeatedly, and he just smiles and nods. In one particularly memorable recent conversation I finally just came out and told him that the reason it is so important to me that he know about these things is that I do believe the rapture is coming and I equally believe that he and his extended family are lost–that it breaks my heart to think of them enduring the Tribulation and their ultimate destination unless they accept Jesus as the Messiah. Can’t say that went over really well–and of course he thinks I’m judging him.

I can do no more in that regard, which, as a wife, makes me feel very helpless sometimes. All I can think to do is to try to make the coming Tribulation a little easier for him to survive physically, and I find myself wanting to stock-pile some basic necessities and some emergency provisions for him and his family. I know that God will take care of our here and now needs–none of the things I want to collect for him are for now. It is the only action I feel that is available to me–and in my human need to care for him, I can think of nothing else to do besides pray.

Am I wrong to feel this way? I don’t think I’m doing anything un-biblical, am I? What else, if anything, can you recommend? My heart aches for them in ways I cannot describe.

Thank you so much for your time, your guidance, and your faithfulness.


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with stockpiling basic necessities for an unbelieving spouse. While it’s unlikely that you could put aside enough to last him for the entire time, your efforts will underscore your belief that the Rapture is coming and may at least cause him to reconsider the things you’ve tried to teach him after you’ve gone. Be sure to include a Bible and some references to help him understand why you’ve disappeared, where you’ve gone, and what he needs to do to be able to eventually join you.