Is The 70 Year Lifespan Obsolete?


I would like to respectfully suggest that the 70 to 80 year estimate of when all things have to come to pass before Jesus’ return is a bit low. In the article it is stated that “some of the ones born around the time Israel became a state will still be alive when all is fulfilled. If you consider modern geriatric medicine and what it has already done for life spans and what it promises in the near future it is possible that there could be some from that generation who will live to over 100 years. In fact 110 to 120 years is not beyond the realm of the possible considering advances that are being discovered almost on a daily basis. If that, or more, is true then we have until at least 2058 or 2068 before “all has to be fulfilled”. In other words, we could easily have from 50 to 60 more years for all of bible prophecy to play out as it pertains to end times events.


You might have a point if only people with full access to modern medicine are going to be raptured. But you should consider the fact that there are likely many more believers from places where such access is not the case. The western church has been in decline for some time now. The growth is happening in places like China, India, and Africa.

Also, my 70 year lifespan is based on Psalm 90:10. We should never make the mistake of thinking that our limited perspective can render God’s word obsolete.