Man’s Lifespan


Thank you for your ministry it has been a blessing to me. I was just curious if you knew if there was any biblical reason why the pre-flood patriarchs never quite made to 1000 years as far as how long they lived?


The Bible doesn’t offer any explanation for this, and as far as I know the Lord never determined that man should have had a 1,000 year life span. He originally created man to be immortal, but when sin entered the world sickness and death came with it.

The longest life span recorded in the Bible is that of Methuselah, who died at age 969. After the flood, which occurred the year Methuselah died, lifespans became progressively shorter until in Psalm 90:10 Moses (yes Moses) wrote that they would stabilize at 70-80 years. And so they have.

In Isaiah 65:20 there’s a hint that in the millennium, after the curse is lifted, mankind will again enjoy longer lifespans on Earth. Just how long is unknown at this point.