Is The End Of The Age Still On Schedule?


I have really enjoyed your end-time prophecy articles. Today I read a previous article of yours regarding St. Malachy’s prediction regarding the total number of Popes and the events of Revelation 6. Have recent events, including the Israel/Lebanon conflict, confirmed your belief regarding the Second Coming around the year 2012 to 2028?


In that article, entitled “The Convergence Of Prophecy And Current Events” I speculated that all end times prophecies including the second coming will have to be fulfilled somewhere within a span of time beginning in 2018 and ending in 2037. I based this on adding an average Biblical lifetime (70 years according to Psalm 90:10) to the re-birth of Israel to get the early date and to the date of the reunification of Jerusalem to get the late one.

My authority for the early date comes from Matt 24:34 which says in effect that the generation being born when the fulfillment of End Times events begins will still be alive when all are fulfilled. By most scholars’ reckoning the re-birth of Israel in 1948 was the first sign that the End Times had begun.

The late date was derived by adding 70 years to 1967 when Jerusalem first became an undivided Jewish City again. I based this on Luke 21:24 which says that Jerusalem would be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.

All the prophecies from the First Coming were keyed off the rebuilding of Jerusalem after the Babylonian captivity, not the first re-birth of the nation, and were all fulfilled within the span of one lifetime.

Even though the Israel/Hezbollah war has sparked a renewed interest in End Times Prophecy, it hasn’t as yet grown into a legitimate end times event. If the war is expanded to include Syria we could see the fulfillment of Isaiah 17, but even if Iran is officially drawn into it, conditions aren’t right yet for the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38.

In summary I haven’t yet seen anything from the current Middle East situation to either confirm or cast doubt on my speculation.