Is The Royal Wedding A Sign Of The End?


I was traveling recently and in the airport, I noticed a headline on the upcoming Royal Wedding. It has stuck in my brain because of Matthew 24:36 and following. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on this. If we are supposed to be actively looking for the signs of the end, and His return which are very near, wouldn’t this GRAND wedding be something that would fit the context of that verse?


In Matt. 24:36-39 the Lord said that just before Noah’s flood people were going about their lives not realizing the end of their world was upon them. He said the same would be true at the time of the 2nd Coming. Even though there will be horrific judgments and extreme hardship, many people will have no idea the end of the world is upon them and will be trying to live their lives as best they can. As examples He said people would be eating and drinking (observing normal meal times and conducting social functions), marrying and giving in marriage (observing normal customs of human life) assuming things would eventually get better.

I don’t attach any prophetic significance to this particular wedding. Who knows how many thousands of couples are being married every day. This one just happens to be more famous. I think the Lord’s comments in Matt. 24:36-39 were just meant to indicate that most people will be clueless about what’s really going on as the end of the age approaches.