When Does The Wedding Supper Happen?


I’ve run into a problem with the timing of the Wedding supper and Matt 26:29. Rev 19:9 is kind of vague, coming as it does with the return of Christ with His bride verses in chapter 19. But the bigger issue is what is meant by “…when I drink it new with you in My Father’s kingdom,” in reference to the 4th cup of wine, the wedding feast cup.


The 4th cup of the Passover is the cup of acceptance, and symbolizes the Lord’s statement in Exodus 6:7 “I will take you as my own people and I will be your God.” I’m not familiar with any Biblical teaching that compares the wedding cup to the 4th Cup of Passover. Jesus interrupted the Passover celebration at the Last Supper to say He would not drink wine again until He drank it with us in the Kingdom. But the last thing He did before dying was to drink a sip of wine. John said He did this knowing that all was completed and so the Scripture would be fulfilled (John 19:28-30). I believe He was drinking the 4th cup of the Passover, saying that for all who believed He would take us as His own people and would be our God.

He wasn’t marrying us at that time, He was paying the so-called Bride price which would qualify Him to marry us later. Both tradition and logic dictate the marriage will take place immediately following the rapture. Then we will spend the 7 year bride week with Him while Daniel’s 70th Week plays out on Earth. Otherwise, the honeymoon would precede the wedding. According to Rev. 19, the wedding banquet will take place in Heaven just before the Lord returns to establish His Kingdom on Earth.