When Does Isaiah 13 Happen?


I would like to ask you about Isaiah 13:16. I am doing a study on the broad meaning of day of the Lord vs. the narrow meaning, when Jesus makes His final appearance, and I ran across this scripture regarding how children will be dashed to pieces in front of the parents eyes. I would love to believe ALL children will be raptured. I am guessing you believe these are children born during the seven year tribulation.



Isaiah 13 is a prophecy against Babylon that has not been fulfilled and contains several hints that its fulfillment will come during the time of God’s wrath, which begins after the Church is gone. For example, Isaiah 13:4-5 speaks of a mighty army the Lord will assemble from faraway lands and the ends of the Heavens. This sounds like Armageddon. And Isaiah 13:10 matches Matt. 24:29 which takes place at the end of the Great Tribulation. I think that’s when Isaiah 13 will be fulfilled. For those two reasons I don’t think you can apply Isaiah 13:16 to the Church Age.