Is There A “Christmas” Sign?


I thank you for your dedication to the study and teaching of God’s Word and your faithful service to us who need your insight and wisdom. I eagerly open your website each day to study with you. I pray for you every day that God continue to bless you and keep you. The question I have is about the timing of the rapture. I know you’ve heard the quip, “If you see Christmas merchandise in the stores, you know Thanksgiving is coming soon.” How true this is but exactly what is the “Christmas” sign that we can look for concerning the rapture?


The rapture is a signless event, meaning there will be no obvious indicator that it’s about to happen. So any “Christmas” sign, as you put it, would have to do with the 2nd Coming, which is not a signless event but will follow several preceding signs. The most obvious one is the re-birth of Israel, prophesied in Ezekiel 36:24. I believe the Lord said some members of the generation of people being born when that happened would still be alive when He returned. According to Psalm 90:10 an average Biblical life span is 70 years. It’s now been 62 years since Israel reappeared on the world scene, and we know the rapture has to take place at least 7 years before the 2nd Coming. So by watching Israel we can see that the rapture is very close.