Is There A Sign of The Rapture?


Is there a definite sign post that must come to pass before the rapture of the church? In Bible study our teacher said that there were some debatable sign posts before the rapture, but I cannot find scripture to support that theory.


The rapture is called a signless event because there’s nothing that has to happen first. In other words there are no preceding signs. This is one of the reasons why I don’t believe the rapture will take place on a Jewish Feast day, or any other day that could be predicted in advance.

Another is that both James (Acts 15:13-18) and Paul (Romans 11:25-27) taught that there is a predetermined number of people who will come into the church and when that number is reached the rapture will occur, no matter what day it happens to be. After that, the Lord will turn His attention to Israel again and the End Times judgments will commence.

That means rather than waiting for something to happen before the rapture can come, the rapture has to happen before the end times judgments can come.