Is There Ever Really An End?


During the Millennium it seems in a way that it starts all over. I understand that believers taken up in the rapture will already be in Heaven with God eternally, but it seems that on earth life just starts all over with the Millennium. Almost like it started with Adam and Eve, but with many people, instead of just two. People again will have to choose God or Satan and again there will be a rebellion that ends in judgment. What do you think? Is there ever really an end, or is this just a never ending cycle?


You’re right. In many ways it does start over, at least on Earth. And even though Millennial man will have several advantages over Adam and Eve, the end result will be the same as its always been. The first generation of Millennial believers will all be born again believers with personal experience of what it feels like to live through the Wrath of God. The Messiah won’t be some far off hope, but will be their King, ruling over planet Earth. And Satan will be bound for the entire period.

But even that won’t be enough to prevent succeeding generations from rebelling when the opportunity presents itself. In addition to giving Israel their promised Kingdom, the other purpose of the Millennium will be to prove conclusively that there are no conditions under which natural man can live in peace with God.

But this time things won’t just start over again after a judgment. The Millennium is man’s last chance. After the final judgment, his 7,000 year saga will end, and eternity will begin. Everyone left will be a believer in a perfect, immortal body and there will never be another rebellion against God.