Is This Good Stewardship?


I have a 13 year-old-cat. Yesterday I had to pay about $232 for veterinary care for her. But is it right for me to spend that much money on a cat; when there are so many people in third-world countries who are starving?


The answer to your question can only come from you. A careful reading of 1 John 3:17-24 will help you find it. It’s about our reaction to seeing someone in need. If we have no pity on those in need, it’s doubtful the love of the Lord is in us. If we belong to Him our hearts will always go out to the less fortunate. But no one can help everyone, nor are we expected to. If the Lord sets our heart at rest because He knows us to be generous in our giving then we can have confidence that our behavior is pleasing to Him. This allows us to spend what we have left as we choose without feeling bad.