Post Rapture Stewardship


I want to thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I really appreciate your ministry and have learned much from you. Thank you and God bless you!

My question is, I have some money wrapped up in a 401k and cannot get it out without quitting my job. I truly believe we are so incredibly close to the Rapture that I am trying to get everything situated in my life for the day I disappear. I was wondering if it would be wise to leave the money I can’t get at to a ministry that will use it for good after we Christians are gone?

If it would be a wise thing, do you know of any ministries that are worthy, or if you don’t want to name any, could you help me somehow? I know this may be a hard question, but I really want to use my resources for the Lord’s Kingdom. I have given up worldly comforts and possessions to focus more on the little bit of time I have left here.

After Christians are gone who will be the ones to take over ministries? And who should I give my money to? I can’t answer these myself. See my dilemma? After we are gone will the unbelievers who wake up and get saved restart the churches? Should I leave it to my church’s account? Also, what about all of my other assets? I am going to make a will and want to leave all of it for the furtherance of the Gospel of my Lord! Since you have expertise in financial matters and are a Godly man, I would like your sincere answer. Thank you so much!!!


Since all Christians disappear in the Rapture, and since the heads of Christian ministries are most likely Christian, then it seems likely that most ministries will cease to operate. As for Churches left behind, most of them will join the false religion of the End Times. In short there’s no real way to be sure that anything you leave will fall into the right hands. Many people who have a heart for the post rapture world purchase tracts and bibles and place them where they’re most likely to be found by seekers in the area, but even that is a hit and miss proposition.

A more important thing for you to consider is what you are doing today to help bring people into the Church with the resources the Lord has given you. Are you using these resources to build treasure in Heaven by investing them in Kingdom work today? (Matt. 6:19-21) Since you can’t be sure that your money will be used for godly purpose after we’re gone, I suggest you consider addressing the enormous need that exists here and now, and ask the Lord how you can help.