Is Today God’s Day?


Today is 12-12-12. Twelve has been called God’s number because it us used so often in the Bible. I’ve seen e-mails by people calling for world wide prayer and repentance today because today is God’s day. Is God more likely to respond today than on any other day, or does this just give people a reason to pray? Is 12 God’s number?


According to E.W. Bullinger, author of Number in Scripture. the number 12 appears in the Bible so often because it signifies perfect government. It’s the product of 3, the number of the Trinity, and 4, the number of the Earth, and multiplies the influence of both. It symbolizes the perfect order that exists when God is working through His people to direct their affairs.

I don’t think God is more likely to respond to prayers of repentance today than He is on any other day, but we should remember that we can only repent for ourselves. Trying to repent for those who won’t repent for themselves is an exercise in futility. God’s number is the number one.