Isalm And The Anti-Christ


There has been a lot of hoop-la lately about the anti-christ and the Muslim religion, that their messiah is the same description as the anti-christ in the Bible. Religious leaders are saying that the one world religion will come out of Iran.

How can that be? The Bible says that the anti-christ will come from the west. I think the west is in reference to west of Israel. I do not think that the anti-christ will be a terrorist. As I understand it he will be smooth as silk, and very cunning.

I do not think that Iran will be around too much longer, Or have much power. Iran is not useful to China politically and will not tolerate the Muslim religion, and Russia will soon drop Iran once they get the money they want from them for incomplete war equipment. Russia is no fool. You don’t give a madman a loaded gun so he can shot you one day. Can you respond to these issues?


The clearest verses on the anti-Christ’s origins have him coming out of the old Roman Empire. (Daniel 9:24-27) In Biblical times the Roman Empire extended from Great Britain in the West past Babylon in the East. It completely surrounded the Mediterranean which the Romans called Mare Nostrum (our sea) and included most of Europe and the Middle east of today. It’s just as likely that the anti-Christ could come from today’s Arab countries as from Europe. And with the relative strength of Islam as compared to any version of post Rapture Christianity or even the New Age, it appears at this time that Islam is the most likely End Times religion.

Where Iran and Russia are concerned, their strengthening alliance will continue until they’re soundly defeated in the Battle of Ezekiel 38.