More On Islam And The End Times


I’ve become convinced that the antichrist will hail from Islam. As we look at the world today and over the past thirty years or so, the big question that comes to my mind is “How did we not see this all along?” How did so many hang on so long to the classical notion of the “revived Roman empire?” If we truly believe we’re in the end times–and I do–how have we not been able to see that the epic struggle playing out is Islam vs. God? Nothing about the classical notion remotely fits with the geopolitical reality around us, while everything about a massive Islamic rise fits the geopolitical reality like a glove.


The concept of a “revived Roman Empire” originates in Daniel 2:41-43 with the feet and toes of the statue from Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. People tend to interpret prophecy through their own reality. Two hundred years ago when the interest in a literal interpretation of Scripture was rekindled, the revived Roman Empire was associated with Western Europe. The Eastern part of the Roman Empire, which is Islamic today, was overlooked as being non-existent, especially after the Ottoman Empire was defeated and broken up.

Most of us were taught this, and once people get settled on an idea they are often reluctant to change. This is especially true of “experts” who are on record as holding a certain position.

But as time has passed, it has become increasingly obvious that Islam is most likely to be the major player of the end times.