Israel And 1948


I have really enjoyed reading your articles. I am especially interested in the studies on Prophecy and the End Times.

I have a question concerning the article you wrote about the seven signs of the second coming. In your first point you talk about when Israel took its place among the nations in 1948 being a fulfillment of prophecy and you said that the generation being born when that happened would still be alive when He returned, siting Matthew 24:34 as proof. Are there other scriptures that you have studied that help you come to that conclusion, because when I read Matthew 24:34, it says,”I assure you, this generation will not pass from the scene before ALL these things take place.” I don’t read anything specific about 1948.

Could you please clarify how you came up with that?


For end times prophecies to be fulfilled, Israel has to be dwelling in the Promised Land, although out of fellowship with God. Isaiah 11:11 and Amos 9:14-15 tell us that when God brought His people back to the land for the 2nd time, they would never be dispersed again. The first time was after the Babylonian captivity and the 2nd time became official in 1948.

This modern day regathering was also described in Ezekiel 36-37 and there’s a very complicated mathematical formula based on a prophecy in Ezekiel 4 that points to 1948.

For these reasons, most scholars see the re-emergence of Israel as the kick-off to the End Times, and in Matthew 24:34 the Lord said that the generation being born when that happened would live to see everything fulfilled, including the 2nd Coming.