Israel And The Church


Would I be correct in saying that the church to-day is where Israel was when Jesus came?

Many of the leaders had no idea of what God really wanted of them to guide his people and many were only interested in the praise of men.

Many of the churches to-day seem to be structured on sensationalism and the unbelievable.

A lady that I work with shared from a book she was reading of some person that God sent to hell for 23 days so that he could come back and warn the people of what lay ahead if they did not repent.

I told her it was rubbish as the rich man wanted Lazarus to go back and warn his brothers but Jesus told the story that even if someone was raise from the dead and went back they would not believe.

The good,pure solid word of GOD has been changed for fables,myths and fantastic stories.


The church today is in a very similar situation to that of Israel 2000 years ago. Like it was with the Jews back then, most of Christianity has departed from teaching a literal interpretation of Scripture, if they open their Bibles at all, and doesn’t recognize the clear signs that the Lord’s return is near.

The difference is that Israel was expecting a conquering King and got the suffering servant. We’re just the opposite. Most of Christianity knows only the gentle Lamb of God and will be shocked and surprised when the Lion of Judah shows up.