Jacob And Esau


I’ve been going through a study in Genesis by (a popular Bible Teacher). If Jacob is Israel and Esau is the father of the Palestinians, and Jacob and his mother tricked his father into blessing him, when in deed the blessing was meant for Esau, no wonder the Palestinians have been so angry and defiant all these years. Can you explain to me how/why God would honor such a trick by blessing the 12 tribes of Israel and the Abrahamic covenant via Jacob when it seems that is was done so dishonestly?


There’s no Biblical support for Esau being the father of the Palestinians. The descendants of Esau were destroyed by the Nabateans in fulfillment of prophecies in Obadiah and Ezekiel. The word Palestine is a Roman corruption of Philistine, and means “land of the Philistines”. The Romans re-named Israel “Palestine” after conquering it, to shame the Jews. The Philistines had lived in Gaza but were wiped out in Old Testament times and ceased to exist. Historically there has never been a Palestinian people and they never had a homeland in the Middle East. This is a modern contrivance that the unbelieving world has come to accept.

As for Jacob and Esau, it was prophesied from their birth that Esau would serve Jacob (Genesis 26:23). As a young man Esau sold his birth right to Jacob, so Jacob would have had the right of inheritance even if his mother hadn’t manipulated the situation. (Gen. 26:29-34) God was fulfilling the prophecy He had made about the two brothers, not being tricked by Rebecca’s dishonesty.