Esau And The Palestinians


There is teaching out that the House of Esau were the ancestors of the modern day Palestinians and that prophecy teaches these people are to be totally destroyed by Israel according to a judgment prophesied in the O.T. Is this correct? I have just discovered this site and am thoroughly enjoying the teaching. So many questions I’ve had are being answered.


Some see the Prophecy of Obadiah as pertaining to the latter day house of Esau. Since Esau’s descendants disappeared from the world scene after being run out of Petra by the Nabateans, I’ve always viewed that as the fulfillment of Obadiah’s prophecy. At the end of this one chapter book, Israel is described as occupying the lands of its ancient enemies, but the people whose land this refers to are not mentioned.

Unlike Easu, (also called Edom), the Palestinians have never been a people, never had a language or a homeland or a king, have no cultural heritage or anything else to give them national standing. I’m not ready to accept them as the modern day descendants of Esau just yet, and believe that Obadiah’s references to the House of Esau were prophetic to his time but historical to ours.