Who Really Controls The Palestinians?


We really appreciate your insight on current events from a Biblical perspective. Based on what we read in secular reports, who do you believe is really determining the direction of the Palestinians? Is it the king of the North or is it the king of the South?


Although the End Times identities of these two Biblical kings are still uncertain, I think this is one of the areas that will clarify things. Currently it looks like Iran and Turkey both want to be seen as the King of the North, while Egypt is the leading contender for King of the South, supported by Saudi Arabia.

Iran is obviously working very closely with Hezbollah, and Egypt has just made major moves in support of Hamas. This includes agreeing to have its headquarters moved from Damascus to Gaza, brokering the unity deal between Hamas and the PA, suggesting the Gaza border with Egypt be opened, etc. Hamas, as you may know, is part of the Muslim Brotherhood which is the emerging political power in Egypt. Like you I have read that Iran is very uncomfortable with Egypt’s recent moves and sees them as a competitor for the leadership of the Palestinian cause. The ultimate goal is control of Jerusalem and both factions currently see the Palestinians as holding the key to achieving that. It will be interesting to watch this play out.