Peace With The Palestinians


I’ll admit to confusion but simply put, a peace treaty as is being proposed between Israel and the Palestinians could not necessarily be “The Peace Treaty” as described in the Book of Daniel since it will be a Future Roman price who confirms that treaty, or could it be?

Also, does the Bible describe the Peace Treaty as
involving all of the Middle East or only those
involving Israel? Thanks for your patience in my inquiring!


I think the peace treaty spoken of in Daniel 9:27 follows the Battle of Ezekiel because there’s a Temple implied in Daniel’s treaty by the fact that the anti-Christ puts an end to Temple services in the middle of the treaty’s 7 year duration. The majority of Jewish people won’t want a Temple until after God reveals Himself to be the real victor in Ezekiel’s battle. (Ezekiel 39:22) Then they’ll all want one.

Daniel 9:27 says that the anti-Christ will confirm a covenant with “the many” a euphemism for Israel, but we’re not told who the other party or parties might be. I’m guessing it’s the aggressors from Ezekiel 38.