Will The Palestinians Get A State?


Will all the interest and focus on the middle east right now and the so called peace process, is there anything in Bible prophecy to indicate that Israel will be living as a neighbor with the Palestinians? Do you think there is a possibility they may get a state?


There never was a Palestinian people as such in ancient times. Some try to connect them to the ancient people of Edom and others say they’re a remnant of the Philistines but there isn’t a solid case for either.

The word Palestine originated with the Romans after they conquered Israel. It came into its current use as a name for the refugees created by the Arab world’s opposition to the rebirth of Israel in 1948. The fact is that God gave all the land from northern Lebanon to the Sinai and from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River to Israel. He never made any provision for them to share it and in fact told them never to give any of it to any one for any reason because it isn’t theirs to give (Lev. 25:23). If the so-called Palestinians get a state in the “West Bank” or Gaza, it will place Israel in direct disobedience to God and will only be temporary.