Jade Helm Rumors


The Internet is abuzz with Jade Helm rumors, US military exercises all over the SW and Ca. Some claim it is to round up American resistors, others to fight ISIS at our borders. Is there anything prophetic about this other than the wars and rumors of wars scenario? Frankly, the lies in the news just makes me sick but I don’t want to have a head in the ground mentality either.


This is not the first military exercise of this type on US soil, nor will it be the last. Just about everyone who is paying attention believes that our country is headed for some really bad times, whether foreign or domestically orchestrated, and that includes the military. Unless people are properly trained to handle the effects of these bad times, absolute chaos would be the outcome. I don’t see this as part of the “wars and rumors of wars” scenario. I see it as another sign that the end of the age is near, and we’ll be going home soon, the hysterical predictions of certain groups notwithstanding.