Jesus … God And Man – Revisited


How is it possible for God to set aside divinity? I’ve struggled with getting my mind around God becoming man, entering into time, doing His restoration work, then leaving (though depositing the Holy Spirit to remain until the Gathering). Your comments have put my mind spinning.

Doesn’t this kinda “blow out of the water” the notions of people that miracles don’t happen today? If Jesus was on Earth only operating as a man under the power of the Holy spirit and not under His divine power as God, then this opens a whole other dimension to me. But the question still comes up, can God separate Himself like that?


Not only can God become man, (He created the human body and can choose to confine Himself within one) He had to. His law requires that a next of kin redeem what his relative has lost. If a man went into servitude to pay off his debts, his closest relative was responsible  for paying off his debt. If he lost his property in a foreclosure, his closest relative had to buy it back. You’ll find these provisions in Leviticus 25.

Adam sinned, creating a debt to God he was unable to pay. In sinning, he also lost possession of the land he’d been given. And finally, his sin introduced a flaw into his genetic make-up. This flaw, called the sin nature, has been inherited by everyone of Adam’s descendants. We’re all in bondage to sin because of this flaw, with no hope of ever freeing ourselves.

Only Adam’s next of kin could redeem him and us. But since all of his earthly kin were sinners, a sin free kinsman had to be found to redeem us all.

Only God could become a sin free kinsman, so He did, and because He did you’ve been set free, redeemed, and your own debt of sin paid in full. No angel could do that, nor any other created being. The law required a man, a next of kin. Setting aside His divinity was a choice He made out of love, as was inhabiting a human body and becoming subject to its limitations. If he hadn’t made that choice you and I would still be lost in our sins, destined for death.

Jesus performed all His miracles through the power of the Holy Spirit, the same power that’s been given to you and me (John 14:12 & Ephes. 1:18-21). I have personally witnessed miracles of healing, restoration, and deliverance. If even one person is miraculously healed, then the age of miracles is not over. If we’re not seeing miracles today, it’s more due to the loss of faith than the loss of power.(You can read my testimony on this at: