Let’s Talk Turkey, Revisited


In your article, “Let’s talk Turkey” I believe you state our need to watch for Turkey to be blessed as she has blessed Israel. I believe that you state that Turkey prevents the war of Ezekiel at this time and we should watch Turkey. I find it interesting that Israel has shown to Turkey plans, photos of the current bridge construction outside of the Temple Mount, yet they state they are not sure of the safety to the Muslem holy sites so Israel wants a team from Turkey to go there to inspect it. I just wonder what significance this may have in relation to your article.


I believe that Turkey is in the process of switching sides as I predicted would happen when I wrote the article back in 2003. Turkey has to be on the side of the Moslem Coalition before the Battle of Ezekiel 38 can take place. But because of Turkey’s relationship with Israel, I think Turkey was asked to observe because Israel thinks that Turkey will be fair, and because Turkey’s opinion will be accepted in other Moslem countries.