Jesus Or David?


I have been trying to understand if King David will be brought back to Jerusalem when Christ comes again. Some commentators say he will be like a co-regent with Christ but others comment that the scriptures refer to Christ, not David. Could you straighten this out for me?


I don’t think it’s an “either / or” issue. There are places in Ezekiel that say David will be Israel’s King in the Millennium, and there are places where it says he’ll be their Prince. The King is obviously Jesus because He was promised David’s throne forever (Luke 1:32-33). But the Prince has to make offerings for himself (Ezek. 46:2) and he will have sons (Ezek. 46:16) so he must be a man in his natural state. In other words there has to be a human descendant of David’s in a subordinate position to the Lord, just as a Prince is subordinate to a King. Whether a passage is talking about Jesus or a descendant of David’s depends on whether he’s called the King or the Prince.