Judgment At The 2nd Coming


I was listening to your teachings on the Millennium and you mentioned the judgment of the Sheep and Goats. Right after that you said that ONLY Christians will be entering the Millennium. What about the individuals who did not receive the mark, were able to survive the Tribulation, and somehow never became believers?


There are really only two kinds of people on Earth today. Believers and unbelievers. Until a person becomes a believer, he or she is an unbeliever by default. It will be the same at the outset of the Millennium. There will be two kinds of people who survive the Great Tribulation. Believers and unbelievers. Notice the account of the Sheep and Goat judgment does not mention a third category of survivors.

There will probably be many more unbelievers than believers who survive, because belief in Jesus will exclude a person from participating in society. Only those who take the mark of the beast will be able to hold jobs, buy groceries and pay rent, but taking the mark automatically excludes a person from entering the Millennium (Rev. 14:9-11).

Those who take the mark and survive the Great Tribulation will be whisked away in the judgment. I believe those who claim they weren’t able to make up their minds in spite of dramatic demonstrations of God’s existence will go with them, even if they didn’t take the mark.

It will be similar to those who die before making up their minds. In either case, unless we specifically choose to receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior during the time allotted to us , we will be treated the same as if we had rejected Him.