Kenites And The Serpent’s Seed


First, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your dedication to “in-depth” teaching. Thank you so much for GraceThruFaith. It is my favorite bible teaching sight and I spend time there daily. I pray for God’s continued blessings upon you and your work.

I recently read someone’s comment on a blog who believes a “bible teaching” that the Kenites were the descendants of Cain, and that Cain was the offspring of Satan and Eve. I researched and found that this is called the “serpent seed” doctrine. Some also believe that Kenites were responsible for Jesus’ crucifixion and that modern-day Kenites are involved in carrying out Satan’s work. I am questioning this teaching (especially about Cain being the physical offspring of Satan and Eve). Isn’t it inconsistent with the scriptures?


The Serpent Seed and Kenite teachings originated with a TV evangelist named Arnold Murray, pastor of Shepherd’s Chapel, an independent Church located in Arkansas. These views clearly contradict Genesis 4:1 identifying Adam as Cain’s father, and the Lord as having helped make his birth possible. A study of Murray’s other teachings will lead one to conclude that his doctrine departs from Biblical truths in many ways.

The true Kenites were a Canaanite people who inhabited a portion of the promised land in the time of Abraham. (Genesis 15:18-21) For them to be descendants of Cain means that people other than Noah, his sons and their wives had to have survived the flood, as Mr. Murray believes. That requires another departure from Scripture. (Gen. 7:21-23) Once you abandon a literal belief in God’s Word there’s no end to the things you can conjure up.