King David Again?


In Jeremiah 30: 9 & 21, Is the Lord saying that King David will once again rule Israel?


Jeremiah 30:9 and Ezekiel 37:24 both make it clear that David will once again rule over Israel. This will take place during the Millennium. Most scholars believe this will be a descendant, or “son of David” and that he’s the prince of Ezekiel 44:3 and other places. When Jesus was asked if the Messiah was the son of David, He responded by asking “How is it that David called Him Lord?” He was quoting from Psalm 110:1. His point was if David called the Messiah Lord, how can He be his son?” (Matt. 22:41-45) Lord is a title given to a superior. So Jesus will not be the Son of David ruling Israel. He’ll be superior to him.