Kings And Priests In The Heavenly Realms


I was curious to know if the Church will become God’s Government in Eternity. It seems to make a lot of sense since we are His Body. Also I wanted to know about the verse which speaks about us seated with Christ in Heaven. Is this verse saying we are actually at this point in time sitting with Jesus in spirit form in Heaven or that it will be at a later time in the future, or is this current or future recognition of our position with Christ in the spirit realm.


The Church is made up of Kings and Priests who will rule and reign with the Lord, so it makes sense that we will help govern in some way.

About our being seated with the Lord in the Heavenly realms, in Ephes. 2:6 the language is in the past perfect tense, meaning that from God’s point of view it’s already true, even though from ours it’s yet future. So within the context of time our spirits and our bodies are here on Earth. But God, who is outside of time, can see us there already.