Land For Peace vs. Financial Meltdown


Last week I learned of a statement made by the Quartet rejecting the right of the Israeli electorate to change negotiating positions via the ballot box, etc. And a well known prophecy teacher has an article on his website about the economic crisis – he points out that it started on Sept.29 (2 days after the Quartet’s statement) and that the market fell 777 points. Do you think this economic crisis could be a judgment on the nations participating in this “cursing of Israel”? It is also very interesting that Iraq appears to be the main nation not effected. Thank you for your time and learned responses.


I think that since someone first noticed the apparent connection between natural disasters and attempts to force Israel to give up Biblical lands, commentators have taken this to extremes. The financial meltdown that finally became obvious on Sept. 29 has actually been in progress for 14 months, but was ignored by most media sources. And remember that 7 is the number of divine completion. The market’s 777 point drop was by no means the complete loss. By some estimates as much as 40% of the market’s supposed value has disappeared, and most don’t believe we’ve seen the end of it yet.

That said, the Lord’s promise to Abraham that He would bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel still stands, (Gen. 12:3) and the comparisons of attempts to give away covenant land with natural disasters is well beyond the point of coincidence. There are none so blind as those who will not see.