Laodicean Or Philadelphian?


My church is one of the “purpose driven churches”, and true to the discernment ministries criticisms it suffers from a lack of depth in its teachings. However, I must say that what it does teach from the pulpit is error free – just shallow. I was drawn to the Lord elsewhere and find much of the depth in teaching online. I also serve in this church in technical support roles on a volunteer basis. I know there exists in this church numerous true believers, but there are also many who have no obvious walk and they are left comfortable by the preaching they hear each week.

Every church I have ever visited, I recognize a type of church that is criticized by a discernment ministry. It seems that there is no church that doesn’t have one type of problem or another. From the prosperity gospel and its obvious appeal to the flesh to the emergent church with its contemplative divination to the purpose driven wordily friendly church (which fairly describes my church) there is always a problem.

My question is in my serving in this church which has the problems I recognize, am I wasting my time? Is there validity in participation in a church which is imperfect? Can my work in the church and prayers for the church be effective knowing I am in a church that is more Laodecian than Philadelphian? Or should I continue to be a nomad until I find the church which has no blemishes?


In the first place, you won’t find a church without blemishes, but more important than that is discovering where the Lord wants you. Do you believe He led you to your present fellowship because He wanted your influence to be felt there? Is it possible that He has you there to help provide the depth that’s missing from the pulpit messages? If so then you need to stay unless or until He releases you. But if not then before you make a decision, seek His guidance to help you wind up where He wants you.