Last Call. Follow Up


In your Bible Study “Last Call”, you said “People are being visited in dreams, healed in prayer services, and even raised from the dead as evidence of the power of God in areas where Christianity hasn’t become as “mature” as it has elsewhere.” Where, exactly, have people been raised from the dead today? It seems that if that were true it would be front page news all around the world.


I gleaned these things from various reports I’ve read. Most of them have happened in Africa, India, Arabic countries and the far East. I didn’t witness any of them, but deemed the sources to be reliable. One case that comes to mind of a man being raised from the dead in Iran was reported by a world famous Christian author on his blog.

But what makes you think that someone being raised from the dead would be front page news in the non-Christian and in many cases anti-Christian press? What possible reason would places where Christianity is illegal, where even the possession of Christian material results in imprisonment, have for broadcasting the miraculous power of our Lord Jesus? And if even a few reports of things like this get to us how many more do imagine take place but are kept secret for fear of punishment? Have you read about the Sudanese woman sentenced to death for her refusal to deny her Christian faith, or the man in Egypt sentenced to a 6 year prison term simply for “liking” a Christian Facebook page?