Latter Day Hybrid Beings


As a Bible teacher, I don’t think I can simply pass off questions from people I love and respect, whose integrity and character is solid and Biblical, about the bigfoot and other cryptid animal sightings. Only one hint I’ve been able to find in Scripture are Jesus’ words about the Days of Noah being similar to the End of the Age. In those Days, apparently, there were strange humans and animals including giants and others. Do we have an answer for these folks?


I’ve come to understand that the phrase “as it was in the days of Noah” in Matt. 24:37 doesn’t necessarily mean the creation will be in the same general state at the coming of the Lord as it was in the time preceding the Great Flood. I believe the Lord was referring more to the general unawareness among the people as to what was/will be happening. Notice His comparison of what people were doing. In both cases they were trying to live out their lives as people do, not realizing that the world as they know it was about to end (Matt. 24:38-41). The presence of hybrid beings at the end of the age is a popular assumption that may or may not be accurate but I don’t think it can be justified by the Lord’s teaching in Matt. 24.