How Did Lazarus Come Forth?


In John 11 is the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. It says he came forth bound hand and foot. I heard someone say once that they thought Lazarus was levitating when he came out of the tomb, but just the use of the word “levitating” frankly gives me the creeps. But it does say he was “bound” — any thoughts on how Lazarus “came forth”?


The Bible doesn’t give us a clear answer as to how Lazarus was able to come out of the tomb, but some translations say his hands and feet were wrapped with strips of linen. This could explain his ability to walk and clear up the confusion.

The important thing is that Lazarus did come out of his tomb, and there were so many who became believers in Jesus because of it that the officials plotted to have him murdered (John 12:10-11).