Learning The Truth During The End Times


I have been thinking about your response regarding the Holy Spirit during the Tribulation and have this question. How will those who are left know, or how will they learn that their salvation will depend on their faithfulness to God during this time.?

It seems to me that those poor souls who are left will be set up for failure as 1. they are mostly ignorant of things spiritual and 2. won’t have the comfort of knowing they are ‘sealed’ by the Holy Spirit when they do believe.


Like they did in Old Testament times, people will learn of these things by hearing others speak about them. When they respond, the Holy Spirit will guide them to other sources of truth, and little by little they’ll get the whole story. And although the authorities will try to banish it, God’s word will still be available. But you’re right. It won’t be an easy time. You wouldn’t want your worst enemy to go through it.