Legs Of Iron, Feet Of Clay


When Daniel interpreted King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream to him he mentioned the feet and toes of the great image as being mixed with miry clay and iron. I was taught that the two feet represented the eastern and western provinces of the revived Roman Empire and the ten toes as representing the ten kings that will rule in the last days.

It seems to me that the old Roman Empire and the Islamic nations would meld together politically and religiously as well. Could the iron represent the political part and the miry clay the religious part? I would appreciate any comments or scenarios you may have. I still see things through a darkened glass as well!


Daniel 2:41-43 is a complicated passage and there are things about it that no one understands yet. The two legs represent the eastern and western divisions of the Roman Empire, and the prophecy says the feet of both legs will be made out of iron mixed with pottery.

That means they will be a mixture of types and will have trouble remaining united. As an example of this, we currently see the same contention between the Sunnis and the Shiites of the old Eastern leg as we’ve seen between the various European countries of the Western leg in the past. According to Daniel’s prophecy this will be an ongoing problem for them.