Shake The Dust From Your Feet


In Matt. 10:14 Jesus told the disciples to ‘shake the dust from their feet’ when they are leaving an unbelieving town. What did He mean by that?


Shaking the dust from their feet was the Lord’s way of saying, “Rid yourself of any trace of them, as if the encounter never happened.”

Jesus was telling the disciples not to waste any time or energy on people who refused to listen to the Gospel. We can’t debate, persuade, argue, or coerce anyone into accepting God’s Word. They are either open to it or they’re not.

Arguing the point with people who disagree only hardens their own position and makes it more difficult for them to change their mind in the future.

Once we lay out the Gospel for someone we’ve done what the Lord has asked of us. If they are curious and want to know more, great. We should continue the discussion for as long as they like.

But if they aren’t interested, all the talk in the world won’t help. and it’s better for everyone if we don’t force the issue.

Remember, we’re called to confront people with the truth, but it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convert them.