Life In Heaven


I have read some things by Clarence Larkin and in one of his books he seemed to think that since we were made in the image of God that we were similar in our physical anatomy as the beings in heaven. If we were made in the image of God and woman was created as a companion of man on earth then wouldn’t there have been women in heaven? I like you said have always felt the fallen angels when they married earth women and had children that were men of renown, giants, evil men that they were possessed with great intelligence and that they somehow altered the animals DNA and made the dinosaurs, I do not think we have any clue as the level of intelligence that these people had.

You know I have also wondered that according to science that we are only using about 10% of our brain and that the universe that we see is only 10% of what is out there that the other 90% is dark matter that they know exists but not what it is. Do you think that when we get to heaven that we will get to use 100% of our brain power and find that the 90% of the universe we call dark matter is the Kingdom God has set up for us?

Best to you and keep up your fine teaching, you keep things in the real world of common sense. I think God controls things but does not play outside the rules he set up.


All we know about the appearance of beings in heaven is that when they want to be visible to us they take on human form. We have no idea what they look like in their natural state.

As for a woman being the companion of man on Earth, this was also done to enable us to obey God’s commandment to be fruitful and multiply.

Since our view of life in heaven has been formed by our life on Earth, that being all we’re familiar with, it may not be accurate. What we’ve been told is that in heaven we’ll neither marry nor be given in marriage, but will be like the angels. (Matt. 22:30) In addition to thwarting God’s plan for a redeemer to save mankind, the desire to marry and have children may have been another motivation for the fallen angels.

God is not given to wastefulness, and so I’ve always believed that the enormous untapped potential we have is there for some purpose. Since becoming a believer I’ve assumed that it’s for use in the Kingdom. The same might very well be said about the universe. The so-called dark matter could be a parallel dimension where the Kingdom awaits its intended population.