Marriage In Heaven?


Thank you for your God inspired website. I read it every day and it has helped so much in my understanding and interest. In the past I’ve considered the Old Testament as just a history story of the way God was, but I now realize it has everything to do with the here and now. My question is about the 1000 year reign. Its kind of childish I suppose, but do you think we will be with our same families? If we are to live and marry and reproduce as originally planned, do you think it will be with our current spouses if they too are raptured?


Everyone in the Church will either be resurrected or raptured sometime before the end times judgments begin. When that happens, we’ll be given perfected bodies. We will no longer marry or be married, and therefore we won’t produce any new children (Matt. 22:29-30). Only those who are alive at the time of the rapture but are left behind due to unbelief, then become believers during the end times judgments, and survive them to go live into the Millennium will still be in their earthly bodies. They alone will have the ability to reproduce.

As for we who are resurrected or raptured, we’re not sure how we’ll live during the Millennium. The Bible says we’ll live in the New Jerusalem as kings and priests, and will reign with the Lord in some undefined way, but that’s all the detail we’ve been given.