Still More On Marriage In Heaven


I know the bible says we will neither marry nor be given in marriage in heaven, yet as soon as we get there we are going to the marriage supper of the lamb. I look at the universe and I believe we are the first of Gods creation, the beginning. I also believe that God will once again turn His creative power back to the universe and make the rest of the planets habitable for mankind. One of the greatest joys I have had in this life is my children. It does not seem right that only the Jews and Gentiles will be allowed to repopulate the Earth, yet the church will not be able to have any more children. What do you think?


You’re basing your conclusions on your experience as an Earth bound human. Since we know very little about our next life, forming an opinion about it based only on our experience in this one is not logical. We do know the Lord said we’ll neither marry nor be given in marriage, and the Bible does not support the birthing of children outside the bounds of marriage.

We also know that our next life will be filled with unimaginable bliss, so our happiness will certainly be addressed in other ways. One person recently suggested that having millions of aborted children among us, many without parents, there might be a real opportunity for those with a desire to help raise them. (Estimated abortions world wide currently number about 42 million per year.)

We also know the people who will have children during the Millennium will be those who have survived the Great Tribulation and will enter the Kingdom on Earth in their natural bodies. They will still have a sin nature and will be subject to death. Since Eternal Security is a blessing given only to the church they will have to struggle against their sin nature to guard their own salvation all their lives.

Even though Satan will be bound during this time they will also have to struggle against evil and will be required to watch as God’s final attempt to dwell with man deteriorates around them until it ends in rebellion and judgment just like all His previous attempts.

The way I see it, our life in eternity will be much more preferable.